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Samsung talks about its 5G solution, readiness to work with telecom operators in India

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Samsung talks about its 5G solution, readiness to work with telecom operators in India

Samsung has the device, network infrastructure and chip for offering a complete 5G solution. The company also said that it is willing to provide its 5G network once telecom operators are ready.

The most popular mobile data plan in Korea a few years ago was a plan that offered 500MB per month, said June Hee Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Technology Strategy Team, Samsung Electronics. At the time, smartphones weren't used for YouTube or Netflix, so people made do with the limited data they got. We have come a long way from those plans. LTE brought consumers closer to the internet, by offering faster download speeds for smooth streaming and media consumption on the go. 5G will look to take things a step forward with even faster speeds and low latency being key factors.

Samsung launched the world's first 5G phone with the Galaxy S10 5G earlier this year and is due to launch the Galaxy Fold 5G as well, which shows that the company is ready to usher in the 5G era. Not only is the company making 5G-ready phone, but it is also one of the few brands that can really offer a wholistic 5G solution that the company is willing to provide to telecom operators around the world, including India to ensure proper 5G deployment.

Open, Innovation and Secure

Samsung has the device, network infrastructure and chip for offering a complete 5G solution. There are 3 core ideas that Samsung is following here - Open, Innovation and Secure. For the "Open" aspect, the company aims for an open and collaborative approach with carriers, partners and chipset vendors. Samsung is welcome to adopt outside solutions.

5G has a small latency which is important where there needs to be a quick interaction between you and a network. By quick, we are looking at really low latency so one doesn't experience any lag or slow response time. This is particularly important when it comes to something like online gaming where a near negligible latency would lead to a seamless and smooth gameplay experience. Samsung is working with service partners to offer low latency with 5G.

Security is at the forefront as well, which is something Samsung has offered over the years with Knox. Samsung offers a secure supply chain with products trusted by government institutions and agency.

Samsung explained that the future of 5G will see 20x speeds of 4G, 1ms latency (reducing the latency from phone to base station and Edge computing reducing the latency from base station to the server) and increased connectivity between devices over a distance.

Of course, the most exciting feature to look forward to about 5G for a lot of consumers is fast download speeds. 5G will enable downloading (up to 20 gigabit per second downloading speeds) for ultra fast streaming in UHD. Enhanced Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will depend a lot on 5G and so will cloud gaming and smart cities. 5G will also allow developments of smart factories and intelligent hardware that can change the dynamics of transport, robotics and infrastructure with the potential to connect over one million devices per square km.

Samsung willing to work with telecom operators in India for 5G rollout

5G rollout has begun in some parts of the world including South Korea. But in the case of India, things are expected to be much slower. 5G is not expected to go commercial until 2020, but Samsung is keen on selling its 5G network equipment to India's telecom companies.

Recently, Jeon Kyung-hoon, Vice President of Samsung Electronics' network business division and other executives visited India to carry talks with network operators like Reliance Jio about supplying 5G network equipment, Korea Times reported.

Earlier this week, June Hee Lee said that Samsung is ready and hopeful to work with telecom operators in India to launch 5G. Samsung added that it would launch 5G in India once telecom operators are ready to work with the company.

Not only is Samsung willing to provide its 5G network in India, but it will also be among the first brands to launch 5G-supported phones as well. The company has already confirmed the launch of the Galaxy Fold in India, which may happen soon now that Samsung has ironed out the display issues.

Pricing, however, will be a major factor for 5G phones to work in India. When asked about the prices of 5G phones and if Samsung plans to offer affordable 5G devices, Lee said, "The price of a device depends upon the price of components, there are various reasons behind the pricing of 5G devices." While the initial wave of 5G phones will come with a premium price tag, we may see Samsung offer 5G devices in the mid-range segment soon as well, as rumours have suggested about the Galaxy A90.

Disclaimer: The reporter's travel and stay have been arranged by Samsung.