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Samsung May Put an Under-Display Camera on Galaxy Z Fold 3; Launch Expected in Q3 2021

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With multiple foldable smartphone options in the market, Samsung is said to be a leader in terms of redefining the smartphone form factor. The company brought its first Samsung Galaxy Z Fold smartphone last year, which was recently updated with the better, more polished Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. In between, the company brought a Galaxy Z Flip smartphone, which folded vertically, instead of the folder-like orientation of the Galaxy Z Fold series. Now, Samsung may be taking things to another level in the foldable phones department, if a report is to be believed.

The South Korean giant is reportedly preparing to put an under-display camera (UDC) on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which may be launched in Q3 2021. According to a report in Korean news outlet ETNews, Samsung is preparing to bring an under-display front camera on the next Galaxy Z Fold smartphone. Samsung is said to be designing a display that has a wider pixel spacing in the area where the under-display camera will be placed, the report said, citing sources familiar with the matter. This will widen the pixels over the camera sensor, allowing more light to get through and, in turn, taking a better photo. Now this is not the first time we are seeing an under display front camera. Brands like Oppo and Vivo have earlier experimented with the technology, but haven't been able to see success in their attempts.

It is not known as to how what kind of usability an under-display camera will provide on a foldable phone, but the fact that there is no perfect place to put a front camera on a foldable display seems like a decent enough reason to try out under-display cameras.

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