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Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ users complain of battery issues after WhatsApp, Messenger calls

After using a VoIP based service to make a call, their device was found to have a severe battery drain issue when the device was in idle mode.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ users have been complaining on XDA Developer forums and Reddit about a bug that they say is affecting handsets powered by Exynos 9820 chipsets. The users say that the issue emerges only after they use a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services via apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber for the first time. The issue isn’t affecting units powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processors.

According to users, after using a VoIP based service to make a call, the battery of the device drains despite the phone idling.

The users say that the problem pops up due to a bug that prevents the device from entering deep sleep mode when the phone is on standby. This, they say, affects battery life a lot. The users claim the bug is being triggered by the proximity sensor staying on, and not allowing the phone to enter deep sleep.

Samsung launched its new Galaxy S10 lineup of smartphones including the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10+ earlier this month.

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Samsung is yet to issue a statement regarding the alleged bug, what is causing it and when they plan on pushing a fix for it.

Some users have stated on the forums that they were able to solve the issue by restarting the affected device. However, some users said the fix is not working for their handsets.