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Samsung Galaxy S10 launch date finally revealed: All you should know

Shubham Verma

Samsung will launch the Galaxy S10 at its Unpacked Event on Wednesday, February 20, a few days ahead of the biggest congregation of the tech world, the Mobile World Congress (MWC). Putting an end to a host of rumours, leaks, and speculations, Samsung has announced when it will unveil its new flagship smartphone line. The company has begun sending out media invites for the launch event of Galaxy S10, which will also mark the 10th anniversary of Samsung s Galaxy portfolio.

The invite sent out late Thursday is covered with the number 10 rotated 90-degrees to the right so that the 0 is bisected by a line. The theme clearly stresses the smartphone bezels that are likely getting even thinner this time on the Galaxy S10. According to multiple reports, Samsung could unveil four Galaxy S10 variants at the event – the Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10 Plus, a new smaller Galaxy S10 Lite, and its first 5G-ready phone called Galaxy S10 5G. Moreover, a report by The Wall Street Journal said that Samsung could also use this event to launch its long-awaited foldable smartphone.

Samsung s announcement for the Galaxy S10 Unpacked event just when it is done wrapping up the extravaganza of some ambitious products, including its first 8K OLED TV, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019. The fact that Samsung has chosen to unveil the Galaxy S10 ahead of the MWC week could prove to be a good decision for the company as it will get MWC as a showcase. It will also divert some of the attention from the flagship products galore at the MWC.

As far as the Galaxy S10 is concerned, Samsung is reported to go for the design in line with recently-announced variations on the Infinity Display – Infinity-O, Infinity-V, Infinity-U, and New Infinity. The Galaxy S10, in particular, has been largely speculated to come with Infinity-O display, otherwise called the punch-hole camera display that debuted on the Galaxy A8s last year. The speculations later received some corroboration when folks at VentureBeat spotted a prototype 5G smartphone put on display by Samsung at the CES. While the device was labelled as 5G Prototype Smartphone , no details could be made of it as it was covered in a protective case. But even then, the device was noticed to have a punch-hole camera – hinting that it could be the Galaxy S10 5G variant. Samsung has not said anything official on this. In any case, we are still many weeks to the Galaxy S10 launch and will be treated with more leaks and reports in the meantime.