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For Rs. 1,095, you can exchange your feature-phone for JioPhone

Mudit Dube

For Rs. 1,095, you can exchange your feature-phone for JioPhone

23 Jul 2018: For Rs. 1,095, you can exchange your feature-phone for JioPhone

Reliance Jio has introduced its Monsoon Hungama offer for all Jio stores and authorized retails partners.

Under the offer, feature phone users can now exchange their devices for a JioPhone by paying Rs. 501 which is refundable after three years, and a non-refundable amount of Rs. 594 which will be required for data and voice calls for six months.

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Details: Here's how Rs. 594 will be used for 6-monthly recharges

The mandatory amount Rs. 594 will be used by Jio to provide for six consecutive monthly recharges of Rs. 99.

Notably, this is a new offer which gives unlimited voice calls, 0.5GB of 4G daily data, and 300 SMSes for a validity of 28 days.

Moreover, under the Monsoon offer, users will also get a 6GB bonus data voucher worth Rs. 101.

Vision: The JioPhone 2 was launched to get Indians online

The JioPhone 2 was launched with the vision of offering affordable connectivity, improved technology, and additional features to India's 500 million odd feature phone users, most of whom don't enjoy internet connectivity.

Notably, apart from offering better features, the budget JioPhone 2 will come with LTE support for high-speed connectivity, as well as YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook apps, the three most-popular apps in India.

Easy process: Here's how to exchange your old phone for JioPhone

You can exchange your old phone for a new JioPhone by simply swapping any 2G/3G/4G phone which is not more than 3-years-old.

The phone should be in working condition and must have a working charger along with.

Further, with a new JioPhone, you can also take a new SIM card or use Mobile Number Portability to retain your existing number.

Specs: What the JioPhone 2 offers under the hood

The JioPhone 2, which sports a QWERTY keypad and a dedicated voice command button, will have a 2.40-inch display.

The dual-SIM phone will run on the indigenous KaiOS, and will come with a 2MP rear camera, a VGA front camera, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB internal storage, expandable to 128GB.

It will support LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, and FM, and several apps.