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The Royal Enfield Twin Endurance Render Puts All The Right Ideas Into Our Heads

The brand Royal Enfield has for long echoed among numerous modifiers in India and around the world. The retro-modern design of the motorcycle has proved to be a great platform for customizing houses to work their magic and churn out great models.

One such model is the one that you see above. The render, envisioned by Obiboi gives the Royal Enfield a rather sharp stance. The bike has been stripped down to its very frame to be re-worked, however, the engine suggests that it could be either of the 650-twins that recently became a part of the company’s stable.

The changes on the bike are nothing short of massive, a fleeting glimpse will not let one know that this motorcycle harks back to the most affordable parallel-twin motorcycle in the market. Anyway, without further ado, let’s get into the details.

Unlike the dual suspension set up on the stock Royal Enfield the modified render sports mono-shock, which admittedly looks more compelling. The bike also gets a semi-faired set-up at the front which extends from the headlamp and gets a visor up-front. The current render seems to be just for the rider and the rear looks rather neat with a tail lamp that is integrated to the tail itself.

Other notable changes come in the form of a new exhaust system that is placed much higher than the stock ones. The shiny engine has been left untouched retaining a tint of a classic on the outside.