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Royal Enfield Rambler Riding Gloves Review: A No-Brainer For the Best Summer Gloves

Anirudh SK
·3-min read

Motorcycle riding gloves are probably the most overlooked part of one’s gear. A keen eye in the market would tell you that there is a type of glove that fits every need out there. Each of these fit in their own worlds of purpose and one needs to know the difference before making a purchase. For instance, summer riding gloves have their own functionalities that make it fit to be used under punishing heat and makes the ride that much less painful. Incidentally, this also takes us to the one we have with here today.

In the last couple of months, I have been using Royal Enfield’s Rambler summer gloves, and while we agree that the weather out there might not dictate its purpose, this shed some light on a few other aspects that work in its favour.

So starting with the make of the gloves, the Rambler constitutes of four materials including nylon, polyester, PVC and a mixture of nylon and PVC. On the palm you get a nylon lining, on the finger you have PVC protection and the knuckles are a mixture of nylon and PVC.

Royal Enfield Rambler Gloves. (Image: Anirudh Sunilkumar/

Now, talking about its purpose, the sole job for a pair of summer riding gloves is to provide adequate breathability. Out of the few hundred kilometres that I clocked with these gloves, a fair share was in the not-so-easy-to-see-it-coming humid weather in Mumbai. With temperatures soaring well above 38 degrees Celcius, I was eager to slip my hands in the gloves to see how it actually puts up. On receiving the pair, I was already impressed with the make of the glove which lead for me to have a few expectations from it. None of them was left out. The Rambler managed to do a splendid job in keeping my palms bone-dry. The mesh material on the glove lets ample air inside and works perfectly for the weather.

This also means that, like a lot of us, who prefer to make do with the one pair of riding gloves through rain and snow, the Rambler will not be able to do it as you will be faced with clogged water and frozen fingers. And while I had to infer the winter part from its make, I did experience the rains in these gloves and the water does seeps in a little later.

Royal Enfield Rambler Gloves. (Image: Anirudh Sunilkumar/

In my opinion, the design of the glove worked perfectly for my taste. To be noted that while we have the ones in black, you can also choose Olive Green. Like a pair of ideal summer glove, the Rambler is light and more flexible. This becomes easy on your fingers, making it a bliss even during commuting in the hassle of city traffic. The KATAI Microfiber on the palm does a laudable job in providing good grip which combined with its flexible make inspires more confidence during spirited riding.

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Hence to sum it up, while there are a gazillion options for summer riding gloves out there, sightings of riders wearing the wrong kind on their occasional trip to the nearest hill station is condemningly common. But at Rs 1,500 the Rambler might change your mind. It ‘fits like a glove’ and proves to be a complete value for money for anyone who is looking to buy the perfect urban summer gloves.