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Rohit Shekhar murder case: Wife of ND Tiwari’s son arrested for smothering husband to death

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Rohit Shekhar’s wife arrested! The Delhi Police has arrested wife of Rohit Shekhar, son of late Uttarakhand chief minister ND Tiwari, on charges of murdering her husband. Cops have been interrogating Apoorva Tiwari, who is a lawyer, since last couple of days in order to stitch together incidents leading to the crime which took place on the intervening night of April 15-16.

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A Delhi Police officer said that Rohit and Apoorva apparently did not have a happy marriage and had frequent fights. During the interrogation, several discrepancies were found in her statements, police said.

“She was unhappy with the marriage, Apoorva smothered him while Rohit was drunk. She committed the crime herself without any help. She will be produced in the court soon,” news agency quoted officials of the Delhi Police Crime Branch, as saying.

Last week, the Delhi Police registered a murder case into the suspicious death of Rohit Shekhar, hours after his autopsy report stated that he died of asphyxia due to strangulation. The case was then transferred to Crime Branch for further investigations.

The Crime Branch quizzed Apoorva for over eight hours on Saturday at Rohit Shekhar s residence in South Delhi s Defence Colony area.

Rohit’s mother Ujjwala had earlier alleged that Apoorva’s family wanted to usurp the family property and that the couple had frequent fights over the issue.

Rohit Shekhar’s paternity battle

Rohit had fought a long legal battle asking ND Tiwari to accept him as his biological son. Shekhar had filed a paternity suit in 2008 over which a court ordered ND Tiwari to go in for a DNA test. The result of DNA test in 2012 established that Rohit Shekhar was Tiwari’s biological son. In 2014, Tiwari finally accepted Rohit Shekhar as his son. The veteran leader then married Shekhar s mother, Ujjwala Tiwari. ND Tiwari died in 2018 at the age of 93 due to multiple organ failure.