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This Republic Day, invest in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

As the nation celebrates its 71st Republic Day this January, why not seize the moment and stride towards financial independence? Being in control of your finances helps you make the most of your disposable income. An easy and rewarding way to augment your money’s worth is to invest in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit. This instrument has the potential to up your financial constitution by leaps and bounds as it promises assured yields at a generous rate of interest. Moreover, it is useful to investors, savers, and individuals across all age-groups.

Read on to know why you should invest in a Bajaj Finance FD this Republic Day.

Grow your money safely, at a rate of up to 8.35%

Bajaj Finance is known to offer market-leading interest rates, which vary as per customer profiles. New customers, existing investors, and senior citizens can earn at a rate of up to 8.10%, 8.20% and 8.35% respectively.

What’s more, you enjoy immunity from risk, in that FDs are not linked to the market, and security, in that this FD carries both the ICRA MAAA and CRISIL FAAA ratings. These are the highest ratings in their respective categories and thus assure you of receiving your initial investment as well as returns as promised and without delay.

Obtain liquidity for your short- and long-term goals

Timely liquidity is key to achieving financial freedom and with Bajaj Finance you can meet your goals efficiently by using the flexible tenor facility to reap the maturity proceeds in time. You can invest over a period of 12 to 60 months and can earmark investments with ease using the FD calculator. However, you should note that interest rates peak for FDs with tenors of 36 months or more, with interest payable at maturity.

To help you understand how you can generate wealth through this FD, consider the following table.

Customer type: New customer

Use the frequent payout option to meet recurring expenses

If you are a senior citizen, you can use this FD to enjoy a great deal of financial liberty. You earn at an enhanced rate, up to 8.35%, and can opt for regular payout to meet periodically occurring expenses.

Consider this table to know how you can avail timely assistance, assuming an investment of Rs.20 lakh and a tenor of 5 years.

Customer type: Senior Citizen

Embark on the path of financial independence with SDPs

Young earners too can gain self-sufficiency in a targeted manner, by saving and supercharging their savings through the Systematic Deposit Plan feature. By taking this route, you can combat inflation and build a corpus through monthly savings starting from just Rs.5,000. Each month, the amount you set aside goes towards creating a new FD, which accrues interest at the FD rates prevalent at the time of deposit. With SDPs, you make the first deposit by cheque, automate the rest via an NACH mandate, and can have a total of 6 to 48 deposits, each maturing over a fixed tenor, ranging between 12 and 60 months.

Consider these computations, obtained via the SDP calculator, to know how an SDP takes you on the path of financial independence.

Customer type: New customer

Avail a range of value-added investment provisions

Bajaj Finance offers a wealth of features that help you stay financially free and flexible through the investment journey. The Multi-Deposit facility, for instance, allows you to invest in several FDs, each having a different tenor, through a single cheque. The Auto-Renewal facility helps you stay invested for a longer tenor without manual intervention and benefit from renewal bonus rates. The online loan against FD feature gives you funding up to Rs.4 lakh, even as your FDs remain intact. In certain locations, you can even begin investing through a debit card, making investing for the future as easy and hassle-free as possible.

So, as India celebrates its constitution this year, take the decision to better your financial health and book a Bajaj Finance online FD to get started without any delay.