India markets closed

Relax some norms to enable stores operate seamlessly: Metro

Cash and Carry India Bengaluru, Mar 26 (PTI) The Metro Cash and Carry India on Wednesday uged the Karnataka government and also the Centre to relax some norms to enable its stores operate seamlessly and for employees to report to work.

Company Managing Director and CEO Arvind Mediratta said only 15 per cent of the employees could show up for work since the lockdown was announced and it went up to 20 per cent on Wednesday.

Besides this, the trucks have halted on the state borders for want of permission to enter.

'The trucks carrying essential goods are sometimes being stopped at the border. So, that is affecting the supply chain.

But the challenge for us also is that employees are not reporting for work,' Mediratta told PTI.

Even if they do manage to enter, there are not enough people to unload them, he said aadding that at least 50 per cent of staff are necessary to start the operations.

Claiming that there was adequate supply of essential goods, barring fruits and vegetables, he urged the authorities concerned to issue passes to one person per family to make purchases and allow the stores to remain open.

'We are talking to the state level authorities, Municipal Corporation, police officials and the district administration to ensure that our stores are open because I can tell you that we have enough supplies of food and essential products in our stores to cater to the demand, which is there right now,' the company CEO said.

He said there was some panic buying last week when products like rice, flour, detergents, lentils, soaps and mops were in huge demand.

According to him, business across the board has taken a beating and it will impact the economy as well.

He opined that the situation would take at least two to three months to improve. PTI GMS APR RAVINDRANATH APR RAVINDRANATH