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Rebol Named One of Top Independent Fast Casual in the Country

·3-min read

Many unconventional ideas have been introduced in the past by the food and beverage industry but what Rebol offers is an out of the box concept that benefits anybody who has the opportunity to dine with them.

Dublin, OH-based restaurant, Rebol is considered the best new restaurant concept in the country. Defying all conventional rules of the restaurant industry, Rebol is trailblazing a revolution that will reshape the restaurant and food-service industries for decades to come.

On the surface, Rebol is a build-your-own bowl and cafe concept featuring “bols” and brain and vitality-boosting beverages that guests can customize to accommodate their unique flavour and dietary preferences. At a deeper level, Rebol is on a mission to upgrade your body and mind using functional nutrition and biohacking technology. From having a world-renowned, on-staff nutritionist curating its menu to featuring specialized in-store biohacking technology, Rebol is upgrading humanity one guest at a time.

Rebol sets a new standard of wellness by providing functional nutrition that fuels peak performance and an atmosphere that sparks socialization and networking among like-minded individuals. Rebol combines the quintessential fast-casual experience with a café and additionally features a unique Functional Market with its own signature line of brain, beauty, and health products.

The menu at Rebol is built around versatility, with options for traditional, vegan, vegetarian, low-glycemic, ketogenic, and paleo diners. Rebol’s beverage program compliments its food offering by offering beverages developed to enhance cognitive function and stabilize blood sugar.

Rebol is the only 100% Non-GMO and organic fast-casual in the country, offering 100% organic produce and 100% Non-GMO everything else. All meats are grass-fed and grass-finished, all seafood is wild-caught and low-mercury-verified, all coffee is organic and independently lab-tested to ensure it is free from all molds and mycotoxins, and only the world’s cleanest cooking oils are used. At Rebol, quality and healthfulness are the key drivers for its menu development, no matter the cost.

Rebol leverages the newest technologies to ensure an easy and enjoyable experience for its guests. From in-store quick order kiosks to their mobile application, Rebol was built with a modern customer in mind. Featuring advanced guest-facing technology, Rebol makes the customer journey simple and enjoyable by offering ordering through its proprietary mobile app and online store-front, or through a various third-party delivery partners.

Rebol’s Functional Market carries a wide range of convenient grab-and-go options to complement their made-to-order food and beverage offerings. High-quality supplements from brands such as LivOn Labs, as well as blue-blocking glasses, CBD products, ketogenic chocolates, and an array of health and biohacking books are available for purchase.
Rebol’s sole aim is to create healthy lifestyles without compromising the quality which has made it the widely appreciated brand amongst its customers in Ohio since its launch.

Learn more about Rebol on and follow them on instagram @wearerebol

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