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Realme XT Review—Forget The Flagships

Tushar Kanwar
The Realme XT

Forget the flagships, the mid-range is where the action’s at. With Xiaomi and Realme turning out one smartphone after another in a bid to reign supreme on the consumer’s wallet and, equally crucially, win big on mindshare.

So, just about when the mainstreaming of a 48MP sensor on smartphones finally happened, the duo has shifted their focus onto 64MP image sensors. No sooner had Xiaomi announced plans for the 64MP-shooter-toting Redmi Note 8 series that Realme launched the Realme XT with the 64MP sensor in India, at a competitive mid-range price.


Does Realme’s winning streak continue with the Realme XT, and does this model go beyond the headlining camera to differentiate itself from the pack? Our deep dive into the Realme XT attempts to answer just these questions.

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The Realme XT is on sale in Pearl White and Pearl Blue colorways, starting at Rs. 15,999 for the 4GB RAM + 64GB storage variant, with the 6GB + 64GB and the 8GB + 128 variants setting you back by Rs. 16999 and Rs. 18999 respectively. 

The Camera: Pixels Galore!

In all its recent devices, Realme has delivered consistently good camera performance. As with the 48MP sensors in its other phones, you’re getting 16MP pixel-binned images by default, but you can go the whole hog and shoot in the native 64MP resolution as well, though the gains in detail are marginal, despite a big increase in file size. If anything, shooting in full resolution in poor lighting accentuated image noise and artefacts.

Realme XT cameras.

Shots taken off the primary camera look pretty good, and the...

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