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Rahul Gandhi in Dubai: ‘Want united Bharat, not BJP-mukt Bharat’

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Congress president Rahul Gandhi while speaking to Indian diaspora on Friday observed that India witnessed intolerance in last five years, and the country is being divided for political gains. He added that his party does not want the nation bereaved of BJP, but a united nation.

While addressing the diaspora at Dubai International Cricket Stadium, he took a jibe at Congress-mukt Bharat slogan, saying Some people said they want Congress-mukt Bharat. We do not want BJP-mukt Bharat. We want a Bharat which is united.

Speaking about employment in India, he said that country is facing a crisis of unemployment and that farmers are in deep trouble . The Congress president identified intolerance as the third problem.

Rahul Gandhi further said he met UAE Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. During the meeting, the later told him that UAE is celebrating this year as Year of Tolerance.

The last five years, not as a Congressperson but as an Indian, have been sad years for me. Today I was told by His Highness (Al Maktoum) that it is the Year of Tolerance . Tolerance is listening to the people, tolerance is embracing people, embracing ideas that are different from yours (embracing) people of different religion, people of different communities. Can you have tolerance without humility? Indian express quoted the Congress chief as saying.

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The party president said he was upset as India is being divided . Rahul Gandhi observed that the country was being divided due to political reasons. Different religions are being divided the rich and the poor are being divided. India can never be strong if it is divided , the paper added.