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Quora reports massive data breach, data of 100 million users stolen

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Quora reports massive data breach, data of 100 million users stolen

Quora has informed all the affected users via an email and logged them out of their Quora accounts

It is the season of stolen data and hacks. Last week, Marriott Hotels announced a massive breach which resulted in the data of over 500 million guests being stolen from its system. And now, just days after, question and answer site Quora has reported a massive breach wherein information of its nearly 100 million users has been compromised.

The information stolen by the malicious hackers includes account information of its users, such as name, email address, and encrypted version of their password. Quora says that the data such as their contacts or location, imported by the users from another linked networking sites, has also been compromised as a part of the incident.

Besides the personal information, public content and actions, such as questions, answers, comments, and upvotes, and non-public content and actions, such as answer requests, downvotes, and direct messages have also been affected by the breach.

However, questions and answers that were written anonymously have not been affected by this breach.

"The overwhelming majority of the content accessed was already public on Quora, but the compromise of account and other private information is serious," Quora CEO Adam D'Angelo wrote in a blog post.

While the company is still working with its internal security teams, external experts and law enforcement officials to investigate the matter and contain it, it has taken additional measures to improve the security on its platform. For starters, the knowledge sharing platform has notified all the affected users via an email and logged them out of their Quora accounts. Additionally, it has invalidated the passwords of all the affected Quora users. This means that the affected users will have to set a new password for their accounts.

The platform has also urged all its users to change their passwords if they are using the same password across multiple platforms.

"It is our responsibility to make sure things like this don't happen, and we failed to meet that responsibility. We recognize that in order to maintain user trust, we need to work very hard to make sure this does not happen again," D'Angelo added in the blog post.

Data breaches have become a fairly common occurrence in the past couple of years. Last month, Amazon without giving details about the number of people who had been affected, admitted to a data breach that exposed the email Ids and user names of some of its users. Prior to that Facebook reported a flaw that gave hackers the access to the data of almost 50 million Facebook users.
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