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20-year-old dies in Telangana due to serious neck pain, not PUBG addiction

Karan Sharma

Update: According to the latest report confirmed by the PUBG India team that the death had no connection to the game.

Raj Kiran, an anesthesiologist at Bristlecone Hospitals, Barkatpura who treated Sagar confirmed that Sagar's unfortunate death had definitely no connection with PUBG MOBILE or any other game.

Sagar's flatmate, Harish Palkurthi, also affirmed that the 15-second video was shot by his college friends. "They were just trying to make him laugh and relieve some of his pain. Sadly, it went viral and now everyone thinks he died because of playing PUBG. That's not true," he added.

PUBG Mobile back in the news headline for yet another bad reason. According to the report surfaced on the web, a 20-year old boy died while playing the online game. The report claims that the youngster was playing the same since last 45-days and in the meantime, he was suffering from serious neck pain.

He was admitted to a hospital in Hyderabad where took his last breath under the ongoing treatment. The reports claimed that he was addicted to the game and use to play it for a long stretch which ultimately causes damage to the nerves in his neck.

Recently it was reported that how a young boy failed his first-year pre-university exam. The reason behind his failure was his answers, instead of answering the question he wrote how to play the game.

There are many other cases of PUBG Mobile addiction in India, that's why PUBG Corps is planning to introduce a time restriction in the game. However, the information is still not confirmed by the official, but it seems the game developers are going to restrict the gameplay for 6 hours a day. A player will be able to play the game for not more than 6 hours.

Let's see how soon the developers will take some steps to avoid PUBG addiction cases in India.


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