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PUBG Addiction: Son Chops Father’s Head, Legs For Not Allowing to Play PUBG Mobile

It seems that the PUBG addiction mania hasn’t ended. In a gruesome incident, a 25-year old man murdered his father after he wasn’t allowed to play the popular battle royale game. Raghuveer Kumbar from Belagavi district of Karnataka reportedly had a constant quarrel with his father over his PUBG addiction.

His deceased father, identified as 65-year-old Shankrappa Kumbar was a retired policeman. After a heated argument between the two on Sunday, Raghuveer took his father’s life by cutting off his head and legs so he could play the game on his mobile phone in ‘peace’.

Another source suggests that the incident, which took place at Siddheshwar Nagar Kakati, happened at 5AM this morning. Raghuveer was enraged when he found out that his father had cut the internet connection and had taken away his phone. He locked up his family members in other room and then started beating his father, before chopping him up in pieces.

The youth is said to be a victim of mental disorder caused by excessive exposure to the game on his mobile phone, which led him to do the heinous act. The accused has been arrested and police are questioning him.

We have seen multiple cases in the past where youngsters have taken the popular game way too seriously leading to poor examination results, enraged behaviour and even suicides.