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PUBG Addiction: Man Leaves Pregnant Wife to Play The Game Without Any Interference
Underlining the perils attached to PUBG, Yashpal Singh Sisodiya, a Mandsaur MLA, claimed that the game should be banned ahead of the upcoming examinations due to its addictive nature.

A recent Facebook post revealed that a man in Malaysia reportedly left his four-month-pregnant wife and child so that he could play PUBG without any interference. A Facebook post written in Malay went viral recently in which the wife revealed that her husband was first introduced to the game by his siblings and soon got addicted to it. His PUBG addiction led to frequent fights between the couple after the man started developing an addiction for the game.

She mentioned that the main reason they argued was that her husband would be constantly playing PUBG all night long. They would then get into arguments because he had trouble waking up in the morning, causing him to neglect his work and business. He would then call her a nusyuz, which is a term for a wife who does not support her husband, whenever she scolds him for being too addicted to the game.

"It has been a month since he has left us. We are now left with no choice but to support ourselves through any hardship that may come. Before he started playing PUBG, his personality was much more tolerable. However, the situation gradually grew worse from when he first started playing the game four years ago," she reportedly wrote in her post.

Meanwhile, PUBG continues to create havoc in India. Vellore Institute of Technology, Gujarat government also issued a notice banning the game in all primary schools. In the most recent case, an 18-year-old boy in Mumbai allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself after being denied a smartphone worth Rs 37,000, to play the game.