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Prone to losing your valuables while travelling? This device is for you

Indrani Bose
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Losing our valuables can be stressful and traumatic, especially when there is a high chance that you might not recover your items. Losing a valuable is very likely while travelling, and identity documents like passport, your luggage passport and luggage are the most commonly lost/misplaced items. The general perception in India is that things once lost do not get returned. However, in reality, the lack of awareness and infrastructure is, in fact, hindering the return. The lost & found centres across the country are overflowing with collected valuables that aren t being claimed.

A solution for the problem is presented in the form of Tag8, India s first and only global lost & found recovery services company. Conceptualised by Sanjay Chakrabarti and Alok Sheth, Tag8 which was built with the belief to change the perception of Indians with respect to lost items is here with a remedy. The company aims to drastically increase the percentage of lost valuables returned to their rightful owner. Besides altering notions, Tag8 is also meant to contribute significantly to strengthen the social fabric of the nation by promoting trust in the society and building community morale.

Tag8 merges the strength of security tags, SITA s (Societe Internationale De Telecommunications Aeronautiques) WorldTracer Code, 24X7 Customer Support Desk, rewards programs and partnerships with global logistics majors to make sure that valuables once lost are returned. Since January 2015, Tag8 has created over 0.5 million security tags securing individual as well as corporate valuables ranging from passport, bag, mobile phone, laptop, camera, key, legal documents. With Tag8, one would get 24X7 customer support desk. Not only that, in case Tag8 is unable to recover your belongings, they will reimburse you. Tag8 has global partnership in order to pick up lost items from the finder s doorstep and deliver it to the person concerned. There are also six easy options for the finder to connect coupled with Finder Reward Program. Tag8’s tracer code also ensures tracking of lost luggage at over 2800+ SITA managed airports. And don t be worried about invasion of privacy because the Tag8 bag tag is airline privacy norm compliant.

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However, in order to avail the benefits of Tag8, you first need to know how it works. The owner needs to simply register with Tag8. In case the valuable is ever lost and then found by someone, Tag8 arranges the pick up from the doorstep of the finder, anywhere in the world and returns it to the owner. The Tag8 Reward Program offers certification, gift hamper and its own products as a reward to the finder. In addition, the owner can also reward the finder through the Tag8 platform. In addition, for bags misplaced at the airport, leveraging on the SITA partnership, lost bags can be traced back to the owner in over 2,800+ airports, using the WorldTracer Code that is embedded in the bag tag. The moment the bag reaches the lost & found department, the WorldTracer Code is scanned and a notification is received by the Tag8 team.

Tag8 is available online at their home store, Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart, various portals of large travel companies, including SOTC, Thomas Cook, Kesari Tours, etc. It is also available in stores at the Mumbai airport, Shoppers Stop pan India airport store, One Vasco visa centre and other stores.

In case you are travelling with a tour company, don t fret. Tag8 has partnerships with companies across the travel space, including Thomas Cook, SOTC, Centrum, FRR Forex, World One (forex), Renewbuy, New India Assurance, Bharati AXA (insurance), One VASCO. So, now that you know about Tag8, bid goodbye to that nagging worry of losing your stuff and start travelling stress free!