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Prez inaugurates bunker museum at Raj Bhavan

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Prez inaugurates bunker museum at Raj Bhavan

Maharashtra governor Ch. Vidyasagar Rao fulfilled another dream when President Ram Nath Kovind inaugurated an underground bunker museum on August 18.

Spread over an area of 15,000 sq ft the thematic museum was first noticed by Rao in August 2016.

Soon visitors will be able to travel to the 19th century bunker constructed to fire cannons at approaching enemy ships. The museum also depicts the history of Mumbai's Raj Bhavan in another section. Having remained closed for nearly six decades, the bunker had suffered extensive wear and tear due to seepage from the overhead lawn. As the bunker is part of the history and heritage of Raj Bhavan and also because a part of it lies below 'Jal Bhushan', the office and residence of the governor, there was a need to conserve it in a way that it did not compromise the safety of the building.

The bunker has 13 rooms of different sizes. It opens with a 20-ft tall majestic gate. The structure resembles a fort towards the entrance. When opened, the bunker had rooms bearing names such as Shell Store, Gun Shell, Cartridge Store, Shell Lift, Pump, Central Artillery Store, Workshop, etc. The entire underground bunker was found to have a proper drainage system and inlets for fresh air and light.