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Poll PUBG Game Two: BJP Anti-Aircraft Counter keeps Rahul Gandhi's Aarop Rafale in sky

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Poll PUBG Game Two: BJP Anti-Aircraft Counter keeps Rahul Gandhi's Aarop Rafale in sky

Here's what went down in a Poll PUBG play area dominated by Team BJP when Player Rahul Gandhi planned an early morning attack. This is Poll PUBG: Episode Two.

It all began when Player Rahul Gandhi spied a little, tightly-crumpled piece of paper in his plane -- a special model called the Aarop Rafale Insinuator II -- before he had to parachute down with Team Congress for his mission.

But he would never get off the plane -- it continues to circle menacingly above the Poll PUBG play area.

THE POLL PUBG COMMUNITY IS PRETTY STUNNED. Why? Well, everyone thought Team Congress had chanced upon the ultimate weapon in the game: the Indelible Taint Pellet (ITP).

If an ITP hits you...well, forget about losing one PUBG game, you may never play again.

Rahul Gandhi has long hoped to unearth one of these (they're reaaally rare) to end a battle with his longtime rival, Player Narendra Modi, for good.

PELLET WOES. Now, scouting for Indelible Taint Pellets is a tricky business. Players often find faulty or inert ones and fire them in haste, only to see them unfold speedily and plummet to the ground. The papery new addition to Rahul's arsenal seemed to contain enough Taint Paint -- an alarming complaint about Player Narendra Modi's closest team members brought to a key Team BJP player's attention -- but it turned out there was a missing piece.

The key Team BJP member, Player Manohar Parrikar, had written in that piece that the complaint seemed to be an overreaction. So put together, the two pieces of paper....were just that. Paper. No Indelible Taint Pellet.

TEAM BJP KNEW THIS. Armed with this information, the team whipped out an Anti-Aarop Gun, handled by Player Nirmala Sitharaman, and fired away at the sky. Team Congress had to abort their mission, but they're still TweetBombing the play area -- just to let everyone know they aren't too far away.

Meanwhile, we've also heard from the author of the piece of paper Team Congress found -- and he insists that it is complete. Watch the interview here.

The Poll PUBG Team: Dev Goswami, Ganesh Kumar Radha Udayakumar and Mohak Gupta