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Travel insurance online: Make sure you pack this in as you head to participate in colourful events around the world

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While on a holiday, you can always choose to relax by the sun-kissed beaches, try some thrilling adventure, spot exotic wildlife at its expansive national parks or simply attend some of the world-class festivals and events, the destination hosts annually. Yes, a plethora of lively and vibrant festivals are organized annually at various international locations that grab the attention of holidaymakers from all across the globe. While being a part of such festivals, it is important to take the appropriate measures to manage the risks well when travelling to a foreign land. It is quite visible that travel-related risks are increasing year-on-year, making it most important for the travellers to take the necessary precautions and protect themselves with adequate travel insurance when going abroad on a holiday.

One such festival that sets people on a mad scramble to book flights to Australia is The Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Held in Melbourne annually for over four weeks – 27 March 21 April, 2019, this festival is one of the three largest comedy festivals in the world. The Melbourne International Comedy Festival packs in an enormous program of stand-up comedy, street performance, cabaret, theatre, radio, film, visual arts and television. People planning to visit Australia to be a part of the wonderful event and further explore the marvellous wonders of the country can buy travel insurance for as low as Rs 120 per day for two people with a total sum insured of $1,00,000. Religare provides travel insurance for Australia at Rs 143/day, while SBI General Insurance s travel plan is available at Rs 165/day for two persons.

The much awaited ICC World Cup 2019 is soon going to be hosted by England and Wales from May 30, 2019 to July 14, 2019. A lot of fans are expected to reach down under to catch the live action of one of the world s biggest sporting events. People planning to book flights for England are advised to book travel insurance along for a safe and secured trip. Travel insurance for England can be bought for Rs 100/day for two persons from HDFC Ergo, Rs 132/day from Religare, Rs 130/day from Digit and Rs 305/day from Apollo Munich. The total insured under all these travel plans is $1,00,000.

All these insurance plans provide adequate cover against events such as terror attacks, natural disasters and medical crises. Moreover, at events like those mentioned above, cases of overcrowding, stampede, loss of personal belongings, etc. are very common. Crowded places like festivals are hot spots for pickpockets. Apart from this, it is very common for flights to be cancelled due to unexpected events related to unfavourable weather conditions. This alone can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, let alone in the event that you need medical attention or evacuation. Considering all these factors, it is important to find the right travel insurance product that covers every eventuality. And this is because apart from those who do not buy any travel insurance at all, there are equal numbers of people who do not have the required travel insurance for their needs.

Having travel insurance and unexpectedly finding out that you are not covered for a specific event, or say having insufficient cover can be devastating if the unforeseen happens. It is always advised to consider every possible risk when buying travel insurance cover for an upcoming trip. Fortunately, with product innovation, choices in travel insurance plans have increased exponentially in the country.

In case of an adverse medical condition due to different climatic conditions or even because of food poising abroad, you can easily avail the best possible medical facilities available at your destination with the right travel insurance. Apart from medical cover, your travel insurance also provides adequate cover against trip cancellation, trip delay, loss of passport, checked-in baggage or personal belongings, and personal liability. Another excellent feature of travel insurance is Emergency Cash Advance wherein, in case of an emergency situation like burglary, theft and mugging in a foreign land, the insurer arranges for emergency cash advances from his sources to help you.


Travelling is regarded as one of life s most enjoyable activities by most people; nevertheless, there are a plethora of unexpected problems that may occur during the trip. In such a scenario, adequate travel insurance allows globetrotters to enjoy a better experience when travelling to a foreign land. Travel insurance gives you utter peace of mind that only comes from knowing that you are protected against any financial loss due to unforeseen events.

(By Tarun Mathur, Chief Business Officer-General Insurance,