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Plan the perfect Father’s Day surprise with a little help from these startups

Sutrishna Ghosh ( )

What are holidays but another day to indulge, a reason to pamper our loved ones and spoil them silly with gifts and surprises? And this Father’s Day – June 16, lest it slipped your mind – fathers, grandfathers, husbands, and father figures around the world should brace themselves for all the love coming their way.

Father's Day

While there’s no denying that an expensive gesture and a bit of an indulgence could play a significant role in turning a regular Sunday into a special day for your father, there are some invaluable ways to do the same. Think of personalised surprises, custom-made gifts, and even a curated box of goodies.

Now before you go racking your brain planning the perfect gift for your father, allow us to ease this task for you – here’s a bunch of Indian startups who have come up with unique and innovative ideas to surprise your old man this Father’s Day.

Because our dads deserve the best

For Kolkata-based Outbox, Father’s Day is among the busiest days of their calendar. From last-minute gift orders to requests for planning a special experience, the startup, which takes pride in planning surprises and experiences for their clients, receives them all. And the demand is especially high around this time of the year because of changing trends. As Sukriti Agarwal, Co-founder of Outbox, says, customers are not only planning the day for their dads but also their fathers-in-law, grandfathers, and uncles.

To meet this demand requires being on your toes – a speciality that Outbox proudly boasts of. 

“Since the trend is picking up amongst youngsters (aged between 25 and 40), most of the purchases are at the last minute. To cater to this trend, we always keep our special Father's Day surprises stocked well in advance,” says Sukriti. “The last two days, our team works 24 hours to fulfill the demand of personalisation requests.”

Unsurprisingly, their range of gift options is also diverse. Sukriti adds, “This year, we have created eight special gift options in different ranges. From personalised perfumes, frames, personalised food platters, bouquets with pictures and messages, to grooming kits, we have it all.”

Since their USP is personalisation, they also offer personalised letters (in Hindi and English) complimentary with all their products.

And this year is extra special. “Since Father's Day is clashing with India-Pakistan match, a lot of our customers are organising live screenings of the match with their dad and his friends for his love of cricket.” Speak of two birds in one stone!

Get your dad a little something from Outbox by clicking here.

Happiness consultants, at your service!

Buying for dads can be tough, but not when the gift is an experience designed to hit the emotional chords. For Varun Todi and his cousin Harshvardhan Khemani, Oye Happy is all about curating gifts and experiences that have a very high emotional connect. The Hyderabad-based startup, launched in August 2014, provides unique products and services like renting a hoarding to wish your loved one on his/her birthday, a message on the screen during a movie interval, etc.

Their USP is that they conceptualise and create the gifts in-house rather than sourcing them.

Father's Day
Father's Day

“Our team of ‘Happiness Consultants’ help customers choose the right surprise based on the kind of person their dad is,” quips Varun. And with Father’s Day around the corner, Varun adds that they have introduced a range of “Great Indian Fathers” merchandise, which is designed with all the quirky things and dialogues that best defines most Indian dads.

“We have also introduced a few products for new and expectant dads who are celebrating their first Father's Day as dads themselves,” he adds.

Now whether your old man is a fan of those ‘dad jokes’ or is a typical Bollywood-type father, sensitive and emotional, if the Oye Happy team is to be believed, they have something for everyone. A quality that has significantly contributed to their order volume this Father’s Day.

“This year, 30 percent of our monthly orders have been contributed by Father's Day - which amounts to roughly 1,200 orders. This number was less than 20 percent last year,” Varun adds.

Want to get something for your Great Indian Father? Click here to see what Oye Happy has in store.

All about celebrating the ultimate gentleman

They are our idols and our pillars of strength. No matter at which stage of our lives we are in, we always need this ultimate man to guide us from time to time in our lives. And this Father’s Day, The Man Company, which is a leading men’s grooming brand in India, is spotlighting the modern-day gentlemen.

In the spirit of celebrating the best man in our lives, The Man Company has launched special gift boxes that come with a Father's Day sleeve. These bespoke boxes are available on their official website and at retail outlets.

“Ever since its launch, The Man Company has strongly believed in delivering a premium experience to our customers,” says Hitesh Dhingra, Founder and MD of The Man Company. With this ideology in mind, the grooming brand has introduced an option this year, whereby consumers don’t have to stick to their pre-set gift box. Instead, they can go ahead and curate their own gift box as per their budget.

“The quality of our products, the precision, and the premium packaging of our products will remain constant, and this is what we pride ourselves on,” adds Hitesh.

If you are still not convinced with the curated gift box idea, it might be a little reassuring to know that the idea has been greenlit by none other than Sonakshi Sinha. The Bollywood actor curated her very own Father’s Day gift box and picked out her favourite products from The Man Company website, explains Hitesh.

He adds, “Customers can choose to curate their own gift box, the gift options on the website or buy the gift box curated by Sonakshi herself.”

Your dad deserves the best, so go ahead and get him something from The Man Company.

The Man Company, however, is only one name in the sea of startups that are trying to make the most of this annual holiday. And why not? With an increased emphasis towards inclusivity and the need to recognise and celebrate male parenting, Father’s Day has successfully crossed over to the Indian shores. It is widely celebrated and rightfully so – after all our dads deserve nothing but the best.