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Petrol, diesel prices remain unchanged for second consecutive day

On Tuesday, the petrol and diesel prices remain unchanged for the second consecutive day across major cities of the country.

Retail prices of the two automobile fuels are revised daily but vary across the country due to differences in levies imposed by states. Petrol is priced at 74.91 rupees a ltr and diesel at 65.78 rupees in Delhi. In Mumbai, the price of petrol is 80.59 rupees a ltr and that of diesel is 69.00 rupees a ltr.

The petrol price on Sunday was increased by five paise in Delhi, seven paise in Kolkata, while in Mumbai and Chennai it rose by eight paise per litre.

The petrol price has increased by Rs 2.31 per litre in Delhi after November 7 when it was priced at Rs 72.60 per litre. Currently, the price of petrol in the country is at an all time high in the past one year. According to the Indian Oil website, petrol prices in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai were Rs 74.91, Rs 77.61, Rs 80.59 and Rs 77.91 per litre respectively. In the four metros, the price of diesel remained unchanged at Rs 65.78, Rs 68.19, Rs 69 and Rs 69.53 per litre respectively.

(Inputs from IANS)