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From Periods, Farting to Peeing in Space Know Important Facts About Difficulties Faced by Astronauts in Spaceships and How They Overcome Them

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The body's natural functioning of peeing, pooping, farting and menstruation everything has to be carefully dealt with to stay in space. This Twitter thread thus gives a lot of insights into the regular bodily functions of astronauts in space.

Space travel sounds fancy to hear and look at but it is a lot tougher especially with zero-gravity environment. The body's natural functioning of peeing, pooping or menstruation everything has to be carefully dealt with to stay in space. Because of the lack of gravity, the pee drops float in air. Astronauts have to poop at specific timings only and all the waste is accumulated within the spaceship as it cannot be dumped out. For women to go in space, the menstruation flow speeds up. A number of facts about pooping, peeing and farting in space were revealed in a detailed twitter thread by author Mary Robinette Kowal. How do Astronauts Pee and Poop in Space? NASA Astronaut Reveals The Misery of Spaceship Toilets.

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Mary Robinette Kowal in a series of tweets mentioned the hardships astronauts have to prepare for once they enter the zero gravity zone. From no technology existing to poop or pee to developing special diapers to wear in space, this thread puts a light on all difficult and irking situations astronauts have to face in space. Can You Burp in Space? Not If You Want This Gross Thing to Happen. 

Here is the Twitter Thread Discussing the Problems of Peeing and Pooping in Space:

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During the first mission, Alan Shepherd had to wet himself in the spacesuit and went ahead in the same on the mission. Later a sheath was developed which looked more like a condom. But that too had its problems, the sheath kept blowing and the astronauts had no option but to pee in suits. For pooping, they had to tap a bag to their ass. But the space capsule stank of faeces and urine smell. The Apollo astronauts were back to condoms that collected the pee in a bag in the suit. The thread further reveals how peeing or pooping in space is a lengthy process.

Among the fun facts are without gravity, the poop doesn't break off as it exits your body. You have to reach back and help with special gloves. Pee is bright purple and acidic due to chemicals. Also in microgravity, the astronauts cannot always tell when they want to pee. How Do Astronauts Pee in Space Suits: NASA Developing Spacesuit with Built-in Toilet.

Coming to periods in space, women who have been there mentioned that it is similar to what happens on Earth. But gravity can speed up the blood flow. So they use tampons in space. The twitter thread also mentions that a fart doesn't propel a body. This Twitter thread thus gives a lot of insights into the regular bodily functions of astronauts in space.