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'If People Take Calculated Risks In Share Market, There Is A High Chance Of Earning Profits', Says Palak Gour Shukla


Whenever we hear the word stock market, the first thing that comes to our mind is ‘financial risk’ and ‘financial loss’.  To make things easier, Palak Gour Shukla has made ‘Equity Guruji’ a perfect platform where people are given an insight into what’s best and what’s not best in the share market. It is a right place where many stock marketers meet with each other. “I always wanted to be innovative and do something of my own. Many of my father’s friends were in the stock market. I learnt a lot from them and while pursuing my MBA in finance, my interest got developed into my passion. I did a lot of research and gained a lot of knowledge which I wanted to share it with people. That saw the birth of ‘Equity Guruji’ which I consider it as my baby”, she said.

She made her father proud when she told him that she wants to make a career in the stock market. Being a woman, her family felt happy as she chose a different path and even succeeded in it. Her journey began in 2015 and she went on to give a new definition of the stock market. When asked about the key most important thing to be a stock market analyst, she said, “Like every other field, it is also important to study the market. It is not rocket science. It’s just that one must be updated about the market and should have analytical sense. If you don’t have the knowledge, you won’t succeed in this business. Everything works logically and one must have a proper guide who can help to go through it. I think ‘Equity Guruji’ is helping people to understand the basics of share market.” Many people consider trading as gambling but Palak strongly believes that if people take calculated risks in the share market, there is a high chance of earning profits.

Besides this, she also took a stand for women and said that if a woman is a homemaker or into business, she can manage finance like no other. She believes that women are often underestimated, and their freedom is restricted. “If a woman can run the entire house, she is capable of doing wonders in stock market”, she stated. She feels that women can be great financial managers if they are given the right kind of guidance. Sharing her knowledge further, she revealed that the stock market has two aspects – trading and investing. While trading requires everyday research of the market, people have a variety of choices to invest their money in different sectors. Throwing light on the digital advancement, Palak feels that today people have access to the internet and smartphones in every nuke and corner of the country and she wants people to make use of social media and gain knowledge about the share market. She also keeps on sharing tips and tricks of the stock market on her social media handles. To make market learning easy, 'Equity Guruji' has a game series called 'EG Game Zone' where different game recipes are prepared and served on her Instagram page 'palaktheequityguru'. People play this game by predicting the market situation.

A B.Com graduate and an MBA in finance, her mission is to become a prominent person in the eyes of people. Moreover, her future plans are to spread knowledge via social media, conduct sessions and seminars to educate people and youngsters who are seeking a new path to grow. She is an inspirational force for women who want to make their careers in this field. Over the period of 4 years, Palak Gour Shukla has many achievements under her name which include a national award on Woman’s Day 2018 for the young diva icon. She even won the ACEF Award 2019 for an innovative radio programme in educating investors. Apart from this, she has been a prestigious member and a mentor of woman forum in FICCI and CII. Today, she is one of the most influential names who is inspiring thousands of women on how to gain success in life.