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PC gaming gaining traction, women see gaming as viable career option: HP

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New Delhi, Jun 9 (PTI) PC gaming is gaining strong traction in the country with gamers, including women, looking at the activity as not just a stress buster but a viable career option as well, according to a study by HP India.

As per the HP India Gaming Landscape Report 2021, 89 per cent respondents said PC offers a better gaming experience than a smartphone. About 37 per cent of the mobile gamers indicated that they would migrate to a PC for gaming, for a much better experience.

The survey, involving 1,500 respondents, was done between March and April this year across 25 cities in the country. T About 94 per cent respondents across tier II cities, 88 per cent in tier I and 87 per cent in metro cities said they prefer PCs over mobile phones for gaming. Better processing speed, display and sound are amongst the top reasons for gamers to migrate to PC gaming.

In India, where PC penetration is limited as compared to mobile phones, this represents a tremendous growth opportunity for the PC gaming industry.

'In recent times, the importance of technology in maintaining social connect and aiding in positive mental health has become paramount. Gaming has emerged as a wholesome activity that the entire family can participate and connect with friends and family,' Vickram Bedi, Senior Director Personal Systems - HP India Market, said in a virtual briefing.

He added that PC gaming is now a global phenomenon, and career opportunities in the industry are immense.

'This not only represents a big opportunity for India to shine on the global stage, but also highlights the immense value that the PC brings as device, with its all-round capabilities,” he said.

Bedi noted that the shift from mobiles to PCs by gamers represents a massive business opportunity for HP.

'Gaming is among the fastest growing segments in our PC portfolio and we expect to continue this momentum and consolidate our position as the leading PC gaming brand in India,” he added.

Interestingly, gaming has also emerged as a viable career opportunity with over 90 per cent respondents agreeing that gaming industry is a viable career option.

About 84 per cent of all women respondents said they want to pursue gaming as career, while 80 per cent of the male respondents expressed similar views.

Apart from gaming, survey respondents highlighted that entertainment (54 per cent), photo/video editing (54 per cent) and graphic design (48 per cent) are other key tasks that they performed on their PCs – highlighting the versatility of PCs with gaming capabilities.

The report also found respondents saying PC gaming is a stress buster and a tool to connect with friends and family, especially during the current pandemic where there is limited social interaction.

Over 92 per cent said gaming helps relieve work/study pressure while reducing stress and inducing positive feelings, while 91 per cent agreed that gaming fosters better peer-level socialising and helps make new friends.

About 91 per cent respondents said they believe that gaming boosts attention and concentration levels.

The survey was done on 1,500 individuals between March and April this year across 25 cities in the country. This was a mix of male (72 per cent) and female (28 per cent) respondents between the age of 15-40 years. All respondents were PC and/or mobile phone users, comprising action and adventure games on PCs and smartphones. PTI SR ANU ANU

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