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Panasonic introduces real-time tracking projector for Tokyo Olympics 2020

Tokyo [Japan]: Real-time tracking and projection mapping compatible projector will be used for a highly innovative video performance during the "One Year to Go" ceremony for Olympic Games in Tokyo next year.

The event will be jointly organised by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee and Tokyo Metropolitan government with an aim to kick off the one-year countdown. The organisers call athletes from all countries across the world to participate in the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

The real-time tracking and projection mapping compatible projector is created by Panasonic. "We feel that this device which follows people's movements, such as dancers, is a tool for performance shows, such as attractions, theatre, and concerts," said Hirotatsu Asai from Panasonic.

The biggest feature of this technology is that it makes it possible to follow people's movements and produce images. Until now, there have been delays in motion detection and video production, but with the latest technology, video production can be performed in concerts without delays in motion.

The system consists of an infrared ray light and a high-speed camera sensor part and a high-speed projector that analyses and projects photographed images at the high-speed projector's computing part. As the dancer moves, special effects are projected without delay. This technology is expected to be an immersive direction for the entertainment industry in the future.

"As an Olympic partner, Panasonic has contributed greatly to the operation of the Games with our technology for more than 30 years. In London, we introduced a very bright projector called super luminance, and in Rio, we offered projection mapping and solution for opening and closing ceremonies using the projector. This time, I am thinking of collecting these contributions knowledge. At the same time, I would like to contribute to the development of cities that have the opportunity of the Olympic Games," said Fumitaka Numata from Panasonic. Big role of Panasonic as a world partner of the Olympic Games will increase the passion and the excitement created by the world's best sporting events.