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More than 40 Bodies Recovered So Far, Dozens More Feared Dead in Pakistan Plane Crash in Karachi

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    Lesson to be learnt by Our country from the Pakistani crash. After almost 2 months the Domestic flights are going to start. Most of the aircrafts have been grounded and one dies not know the maintenance conditions of the aircrafts. Until expert Aviation committee gets the Aircrafts properly checked and the operational ones given trial run as most of the pilots could have been out of touch.June 1st is quite sime time better to test fly the operation ones and clear for Airworthyness .any Complecency May result in such mishaps.As the Passengers are being checked similarly Aviation authority should also lay norms for making the Domestic flights operational.
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    RIP for the departed souls. While all Indians are grieved from this news and PM Modi has also expressed his concern, had a flight crashed in India, the Pakistani establishment and public would have scoffed at. A lesson for Pakistan on humanity and poor maintenance of a 15 year old Airbus, whence the landing wheels gear malfunctioned as per reports.
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    Such incidents is a part of life now. Everyone has to live with it.
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    Bhaguwaa Dhaari
    its is the same pia who once touted when an india airlines place got crach in managalore ..saying to fly id pia for safety this is pia safety
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    Man, who is flying in this corona times!?
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    Raj Kraleti
    There are lessons learnt for India from this ,We should a maintenance for all our grounded air crafts from last 2 months .. Metals will end up corrosion when were not in use for longer periods of time
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    Green Earth.
    Very sad news is this. Survivor is a great banker. Plane's gear went out of control.
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    Though Pakistan is a sworn enemy I cannot but empathise of this human tragedy
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    Ratnesh Sharma
    This unfortunate crash happened around Eid Al - Fitr turned many peoples/families Happiness into Sadness.So sad.RIP.
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