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Oviya's adult film 90 ML trailer is out. Internet rips her apart

Oviya's Bigg Boss stint earned her a loyal fan following, who identifies themselves as Oviya Army. Her ardent fans were eagerly expecting her first movie post-Big Boss and it's here. 90ML, directed by Anita Udeep (also known as Alagiya Asura), is currently in the post-production phase.

The trailer of 90 ML has been released and it has evoked positive and negative responses. 90ML shows the life of five girls (including Oviya) and all of them resort to alcohol and drugs to forget their worries.

90ML trailer is bold in so many ways in terms of content. It has many double entendre dialogues, intimate and steamy shots of the lead actresses making out with their male counterparts.

Here's the trailer:

Oviya is shown as a tom-boy, who wants to have fun in life. The Kalavani actress and her four friends travel everywhere together and one day, they find themselves in deep trouble.

However, the trailer of 90 ML has been criticised for being explicit. While a section of people defended Oviya and the film for the topic it is hinged on, others slammed her for choosing an adult film. Many pointed out that she is regarded as a role model for kids and that she shouldn't do such films.

Here are some of the comments:

Recently, the film was certified with a 'clean' A certificate. as it had many sexually explicit dialogues and scenes. In an earlier interview, director Anita Udeep explained the idea behind her film. She said, "90ML is all about a group of five women and their desires in life. Most of the women-centric films fail to discuss what women really want. So this is going to be a bold yet fun and entertaining film. Besides showcasing the wants of contemporary women, the story also has a lot of exciting things like what a group of girls would talk about when they get together. I'm going to present a new flavor, and it is definitely going to be a trendy film

Produced by NVIZ Entertainment, the film has Oviya, Bommu, Masoom, Shree Gopika, Monisha, Anson Paul and Tej Raj in prominent roles. The adult film has music composed by actor STR.

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