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Ottomate Smart Fan launched in India at Rs. 3,999

Mudit Dube

Ottomate Smart Fan launched in India at Rs. 3,999

09 Mar 2019: Ottomate Smart Fan launched in India at Rs. 3,999

Ottomate International has launched a smart fan as its maiden offering in India.

Titled Ottomate Smart Fan, the product comes with Qualcomm's Bluetooth mesh and built-in temperature as well as humidity sensors.

The fan is priced at Rs. 3,999 and will go on sale starting March 20 via the company's online store.

Here's everything to know.

Specifications: Ottomate Smart Fan can also connect to your smartphone

The Ottomate Smart Fan packs a Qualcomm CSR1020 chip, paired with Bluetooth 5.0 and CSRMesh connectivity.

It also comes with temperature and humidity sensors to ascertain ambient climatic conditions, as well as an in-built voltage stabilizer, a 14-pole motor and a larger sweep size of 1,250mm.

Furthermore, the fan can also connect to smartphone/tablet with via Ottomate app to offer one-touch operation.

Features: You can switch between several airflow modes

The fan comes with several airflow modes such as Otto Mode, Turbo Mode and Breeze mode along with My Air Technology that offers 100 speed options as against pre-set speed options on conventional fans.

In Otto mode, the fan automatically adjusts the fan speed according to the ambient room temperature while in Breeze mode, the fan speed changes cyclically to create a breeze effect.

Convertible: Ottomate has also launched "smart ready" fans

Ottomate also launched "smart ready" fans that feature the same design as the smart fans but lack the modern features.

However, the company says these fans can also be converted to smart fans in just 30 minutes for an additional cost of Rs. 1,000.

Notably, the company is also planning to launch voice-enabled smart fans, with Google Assistant integration.

Coming soon: Pricing and availability

The Ottomate Smart Fan is priced at Rs. 3,999 while the smart ready model costs Rs. 2,999. There is also an optional Bluetooth remote controller which is priced at Rs. 149.

These prices are inclusive of installation charges.

Further, the Ottomate Smart Fan will be available online starting March 20 via Ottomate website while offline sales will begin from April 2.