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OnePlus announces its upcoming TV will launch as ‘OnePlus TV’

FE Online

OnePlus has officially confirmed its upcoming television will be called OnePlus TV. In a blog post, a company official detailed what led to the inception of this name and the logo for the TV range. It has been over a year since OnePlus CEO Pete Lau revealed a TV is in the works, the name for which was offered to the OnePlus community to decide in a competition. Said to have "born out of the 'Never Settle' spirit", the OnePlus TV is said to debut in September-end.

The logo, which particularly is a result of suffixing 'TV' to OnePlus brand logo, is "inspired by classic geometric progression". In fact, OnePlus says there is a lot of thought put into the origin of the name OnePlus TV. "We simply added a "TV" behind our brand logo; however, there’s some thought behind it." Apart from the confirmation on what OnePlus' upcoming device will be called, the blog post does not mention anything else, such as the launch date and features-beyond the point what was already shared by Lau earlier this year.

A filing on the Bluetooth SIG website revealed that there are more than one OnePlus TV model, ranging from 43-inch to 75-inch sizes. The OnePlus TV will run on Android TV, however, with some level of customisation to bring about the "total connected" experience for users. It was also reported that some of the models will feature OLED panels, in addition to the regular LCD ones.

The OnePlus TV will reportedly launch somewhere between September 25 and September 28. But tipster Ishan Agarwal believes the most likely date could be September 26 for when OnePlus will host an event to announce its much-anticipated product. When launched, OnePlus TV will take on Xiaomi’s Mi TV, TCL, Samsung, and a handful of other brands that have gained popularity in India’s home entertainment market.