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Offline mobile application with biometric facial recognition launched

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Digitisation has taken the world by storm and facial recognition system is fast gaining popularity.  Now, a new offline mobile application has been launched, which works with biometric facial recognition technology. Tech5 has launched the app in collaboration with another technology firm Pepper & Ink Technologies. Pepper & Ink Technologies is offering customers mobile identity management which comes with document verification as well as biometrics with the help of advanced 2D barcode technology.

The tech firms’ ‘unique’ compression technology will store information in a 2D barcode. It will be combined with Tech5’s facial recognition that will allow customers to store their information in a pocket-friendly way. The company claims that additional hardware or smart card is not required and the information regarding the unique digital ID can be stored using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The information stored in the Public Key Infrastructure will have demographic information, ID number and biometric template for face matching.

According to Pepper & Ink Technologies CEO Niranjan Gosavi, Face recognition from TECH5 takes the unique enhanced QR Code solution to the next level. This collaborative technology is a game-changer in the identity management space, he said.

The tech firms suggest that the solution can be used in functional ID. It can also be used in national identification projects which include documents such as birth certificates, online payments for banking or retail services amongst other things.

Earlier, Tech5 integrated biometric software with a MOSIP. MOSIP is an open-source platform that allows customers to build national foundational IDs. It was made by the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore for countries to build their own ID systems.