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NTPC commercializes Unit 1 of 150 MW of Kameng hydroelectric project

Apurva Joshi

North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited (NEEPCO), wholly-owned subsidiary of NTPC Limited, has been working on a hydroelectric project (4x150 MW) at Kameng, Arunchal Pradesh. It has commenced the commercial operation of Unit 1 of 150 MW of this project on June 17, 2020.

Of the total installed capacity of 600 MW, the units bearing half capacity have been commissioned while the remaining 300 MW capacity is underway to get commissioned.

Positioned in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh, this project is a run-of-the river scheme utilizing the flows from Bichom and Tenga Rivers (both tributaries of the river Kameng) over a gross head of 536 m available in downstream of the confluence of the river Bichom with Kameng.

In December 2004, CCEA clearance of the project had been obtained at Rs 2,496.90 crores with a completion time of 5 years. As stated by NEEPCO, there were various reasons for delay in commissioning of the project including geological surprises, contractual issues, major design change of primary structures, law and order problems, devastating flash floods, etc. It was then to be commissioned by January 2018 and because of the time over-run, the revised estimated cost was appraised to Rs 6,179.96 crore by March 2015.

NEEPCO’s installed capacity stands at 1,757 MW, out of which 1,457 MW is commercialized. Therefore, the total installed and commercial capacity of NTPC Group currently stands at 62,110 MW and 61,126 MW respectively.

NTPC’s stock opened at Rs 91.60 and in the morning trading session dipped 1.7 per cent to Rs 90 from its previous close of Rs 91.50, on Thursday.