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NPS: Option To Get e-PRAN Launched

Roshni Agarwal

To render National Pension System (NPS), which is a retirement planning investment avenue, more cost-effective PFRDA has now launched the option to get e-PRAN together with the welcome kit online while making NPS subscription.

Until now, NPS subscribers were provided hard copy of PRAN or permanent retirement account number along with the welcome kit. However, now on NPS subscribers can choose to receive either physical copy of PRAN or digital copy i.e. e-PRAN on their e-mail that will help them lower down cost.

Furthermore, both e-PRAN and physical copy of PRAN will be treated at par i.e. when produced for identification, servicing, exit or various other NPS related processes.

What Are The NPS Account Opening Charges?

PFRDA offers subscribers a choice of two CRAs or central record keeping agencies, namely NCRA (NSDL-CRA) and KCRA (Karvy -CRA). And the charges of NPS account opening at each of these agencies differ:

Here are the charges: If you want the physical PRAN card:

NCRA : Rs 40

KCRA : Rs 39.60

If NPS subscriber wishes to avail e-PRAN

• Welcome kit sent in physical: Rs 35
• Welcome kit sent through email only: Rs 18

• Welcome kit sent in physical: Rs 39.60
• Welcome kit sent through email only: Rs 4

Also, in a case when NPS subscriber opts for e-PRAN at the time of enrollment but wants physical copy of PRAN at a later stage he or she can get the same.

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