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You Can Now Send Instagram Direct Messages From the Web

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Instagram is beginning to roll out Direct Messaging on the web. Initially, only a small percent of users will be getting this feature as this is only a test phase. Taking to its official Twitter handle, the photo-sharing social media app said, “DMs, but make them desktop. We’re currently testing Direct messaging on the web, so you can read and reply to your messages from wherever you are”.

As per a report, the feature will work in the same way in which it works on the mobile app. The feature, will let users send messages, see the number of unread messages and photos from their desktop. People using the Facebook-owned application on their desktops will be able to create groups, start a chat with someone either from the Direct Message screen or the recipient’s profile page.

Furthermore, messages too can be liked on the computer; this can be done by double-tapping the message that needs to be liked. The user will only be able to get the Direct Message notifications only if he or she has enabled notifications for the entire site. On being asked as to why did Instagram prioritize the web direct message feature, a spokesperson of the brand said that this feature will help users “stay in touch with the people you care about.”