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And now purify a litre of any potable water at 25 paise!

Bengaluru, Jan 21 (PTI) Aamaara Instapure drinking water purifying granules, a solution for both rural and urban households in India at only 25 paise per litre, was launched in the city on Tuesday.

The product manufacturers said the 'Sodium dichloroisocyanurate' (SDIC) granules is a salt compound that purifies, cleanses, de-odorises and de-pathogenesis any potable water.

The Managing director of the Aamaara Instapure Ramesh Ramaswamy said households that are financially sound instal water purifiers with Reverse Osmosis system while others boil water.

This creates an additional monetary burden due to increase in consumption of electricity and cooking gas for filtering and boiling.

'Aamaara Instapure helps address these challenges as it is very affordable and one sachet costs only Rs 5 which is enough to purify 20 litres of drinking water,' Ramaswamy said.

Yoshinobu Takagi of Shikoku Chemicals Corporation in Japan, the company which manufactures these purifying granules, said 'After three years of research in India, we have come out with Aamaara Instapure Water Purifying Granules to provide clean and safe drinking water to people who do not have access to clean water.' He added that the product is convenient to use and the quality and efficacy of the product is approved by National Sanitation Foundation, USA and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

'We have about 300 outlets in Bengaluru and we are increasing number of outlets. Apart from that we are present in nine districts (in Karnataka).

By the end of March 2020, we will be able to cover all the districts in Karnataka. We will have close to 10,000 outlets to sell this in Karnataka,' Ramaswamy said.

According to Aamaara, they are in talks with the government departments to introduce it in the rural areas where potable water is a major challenge.

'We are approaching various government departments and we have succeeded in penetrating forest department where they approved our products. These products are going to be used at the anti-poaching camps in Karnataka.

There are about 580 anti-poaching camps in Karnataka located deep inside the forest,' one of the executives of Aamaara said. PTI GMS RS BN BN