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Now LPG Cylinder To Be Delivered On Your Preferred Date And Time

Roshni Agarwal

To book a new LPG connection is no longer a tedious task and you can visit the nearest Indian distributor that provides services in your vicinity and enroll for a new connection by providing valid ID and address proof.

Also, as a known fact, there are two types of gas connections i.e. subsidized and non-subsidized gas connection, the former is available if one has linked one's connection with the unique 12-digit biometric ID aadhaar and is rather cheaper, while the non-subsidised rates are higher than the subsidized one. Consumers are allowed 12 subsidized cylinders per connection in a year.

IOCL, an LPG gas distributing company, distributes refill cylinder on the basis of the bookings made on a first come first serve basis. Further, as a new service IOCL has rolled out the facility, wherein the customer can choose his or her preferred day and time of delivery. And for the same, the company charges as per the chosen time zone.

Charges levied by IOCL on your preferred day and time delivery of LPG cylinder:

Time slot Charges per delivery with population of ten lakh and more Charges in other town for every delivery
Before 8am Rs. 50 Rs. 40
8 am to 11 am Rs. 25 Rs. 20
11 am to 3 pm Rs. 25 Rs. 20
3 pm to 6 pm Rs. 25 Rs. 20
6 pm to 8 pm Rs. 50 Rs. 40
Only Saturday or Sunday (8 am to 6 pm) Rs. 25 Rs. 20

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