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Now, Google Assistant delivers audio news personalized for you

Shubham Sharma

Now, Google Assistant delivers audio news personalized for you

07 Dec 2018: Now, Google Assistant delivers audio news personalized for you

Thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence, Google Assistant's news delivering capabilities are getting better than ever.

Now, the smart helper can deliver personalized audio news, whenever and wherever you need.

The custom news bundles would be curated and delivered regardless of the device you're using (smartphone or speaker), but are currently available for a select number of users in the US.

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Personalized news: How audio news playlists will be personalized

Google News already curates content according to your preferences, but now, those capabilities are being combined with Assistant's voice functions.

This way, your voice assistant will only play news related to the topics you're interested in, 9To5Google reported.

It will add relevance to stories, and if you have already been briefed once, it will provide updates on the stories delivered earlier.

Fact: This will be your own radio for news, per Google

"Imagine instead if you could have your own radio, one that's available on-demand, accessible throughout your day, and brings you news about the world and your interests," Google said while detailing Assistant's new capabilities.

Working: So, a single call and Assistant's news will be delivered

As and when you'll say, "Hey Google, play the news", the Assistant will start curating news according to your interests.

In a matter of seconds, it will then play news stories from different publications - starting with a briefing of current top stories to updates on the topics you care about.

Then, it would dive deeper, providing long-form stories going up to 15 minutes.

Publications: Plus, more publications to get onboard

As of now, the playlist of audio news is curated from as many as 20 publications, including the likes of CNET, Axios, CNBC, Associated Press, and The Washington Post.

However, more media outlets are expected to get onboard as Google has left an open invite for any English language publication to be a part of this service and submit their content.

Fact: When custom audio news would come to India?

As of now, Google Assistant's personalized audio news is only available to a limited number of users in the US. The service is available without ads and is likely to expand to other regions, including India, in the coming months.