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How Not to Spend Extravagantly At Supermarkets?

Apoorva Verma
Photo by from Pexels

While most of us scrutinize our discretionary expenses, few of us look at how we can optimize our essentials such as grocery shopping. Most of us make these mandate grocery visits with a messy list (jotting down the staples) and go in blind, wandering down the aisles, tossing in a bunch of items, and finding the shortest check-out line. With all that capriciousness, it can be easy to blow your budget for groceries.

So How To Plan Your Grocery Spends?

The fact is that grocery spending depends on your (or family) requirements. You could spend ₹15,000 per month to feed your family of four or manage in much less. To begin, dig out your grocery store receipts from past few visits. Now, break down your spending by category such as veggies & fruits, dairy, spices, cosmetics, etc. Then identify your highest spending categories, then trim or tweak accordingly.

Other than this, it’s time to hack your grocery shopping with smart tips that you can use in supermarkets while shopping before you clutch your wallet and make a beeline for the exit!

Look up and down the aisle:

Most supermarkets have strategic product placement, such that store brands, cheaper generic brands, and bulk items are placed on the bottom shelf while the middle shelf is reserved for leading brands and best sellers. The top shelf is typically local and smaller brands.

Shopping Basket Instead Of Cart:

Research indicates that a larger cart inclines to unintentional purchases i.e. you load more stuff in your cart without even noticing! To avoid overindulging, try using a shopping basket instead to limit the number of items you can grab.

Check The Unit Price

Habitually, buying a bigger packet of a product seems to be the best value. However, work out the price per unit and then decide if it really is the steal it seems to be. For example, buying perishable products in a ‘buy-one-get-one’ won’t really make sense as second might get expired by the time you finish the first, yet non-perishables such as buying bulk diaper pack could be economical.

If you haven’t before, keep receipts from your next few shopping trips and start planning your grocery budget!