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Not safety but low surge price, driver penalty for cancelled rides: What users want from Ola, Uber

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Customers of ride-sharing applications like Ola and Uber are more worried about surge pricing and ride cancellations from the driver’s end rather than safety. Driver cancelling the ride and surge price came out to be the top issues with cab aggregators, according to a recent survey. While 39% respondents said that they found surge pricing most worrisome, 36% felt driver cancellations was a big issue. On the other hand, only 2% said they felt safety concerns, according to the LocalCircles survey. “Surge pricing is a top consumer concern where users have experienced that during peak hours or when cab availability is poor, the taxi apps take undue advantage of the consumer and charge a heavy surge rate,” the survey said.

Further, for driver cancellations, consumers felt that applications should be penalised if the cancellation comes from the platform’s end.  About half of the respondents said that the platforms must credit Rs 100 in the customer's account. Other half said that 20% amount of the cancelled ride fare should be credited to their account. Currently, consumers get penalised if the rides are cancelled by them. The Madhya Pradesh government had recently announced that refusal for services may incur a penalty of Rs 1000 and the proposed amendment is expected to be effective soon. 

Moreover, over half of those surveyed said that they could not reach out to customer service of app-taxis and of the 22% who found a way to reach out to customer support, half said that the customer support was not helpful. “This is quite concerning in cases of emergencies when there is a safety hazard or a case of driver misbehaving. Some users have even highlighted that the Emergency button in one of the apps notifies the customer service which in turn notifies the driver literally creating a difficult situation for the user,” the survey said.