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No Decision On Further Printing Of 2,000 Rupee Notes

The plan will open up a steady stream of state companies to greater private investment, and target the kind of annual divestment revenue that will be crucial to meet fiscal deficit targets.

New Delhi: The central government has not yet decided on further printing of 2,000 rupee notes as there are more than adequate notes of this denomination in the system, economic affairs secretary Subhash Chandra Garg said.

Printing of notes is planned as per requirement, and now, 2,000 rupee notes constitutes 35% by value of the total circulation, Garg added.

"There has been no recent decision regarding 2,000 rupee note production," Garg said in a tweet.

The secretary’s comment comes a day after a media report, which stated that the government has stopped printing 2,000 rupee notes and plans to phase it out.