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Next-gen iPad models could also feature dual and triple rear cameras, could be same as 2019 iPhone models

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Next-gen iPad models could also feature dual and triple rear cameras, could be same as 2019 iPhone models

It's only a matter of a few weeks before we get to see the next generation of iPhones. If you go through all the leaks and rumours, we could be expecting a major upgrade in the camera performance for these iPhone models. However, if other rumours are to be believed, Apple could be giving the iPad lineup the same multi-camera setup from the iPhone models. And the chances are high given that it comes from Macotakara, which itself has a reputation for releasing believable Apple leaks.

According to the blog, the next-generation iPad models will get a major upgrade in the camera department. The iPad Pro, the flagship of the iPad lineup, will get the rumoured triple camera setup from the iPhone XI. There's no reason known as to why Apple would put a triple camera setup on its iPad. The only possible explanation we can think of is that Apple has big plans with the AR side of apps and games. In order to support to help with advanced AR stuff, Apple could be giving the iPad three cameras in a bid to help it with the complex AR stuff.

The current generation iPad Pro already has a 12-megapixel camera that does a quite good job with the photography and basic AR stuff that the iPad platform supports at the moment. And most iPad users usually rely on their smartphone cameras for photography. Hence, it's weird to see a complex camera system on a large tablet.

Nonetheless, according to rumour, Apple is bringing multiple cameras to the iPad Pro. It is said that even the basic next-generation iPad model will feature a dual-camera setup. The base iPad is expected to feature a 10.2-inch screen this year and Apple could be giving this iPad a dual-camera system. Details remain unknown about the camera composition.

Apple is most likely to give the 10.2-inch iPad the same cameras from the iPhone XIR which is also expected to gain a dual-camera system this year. The iPhone XR from 2018 was the only flagship iPhone to retain a single rear camera.

If these iPad models also gain the multi-camera setup, it is likely that Apple will go for the rumoured squarish module design that is expected to be seen on the iPhone models this year. Apart from the cameras, the new iPads are expected to sport the next-generation chipsets. The 10.2-inch iPad could retain the A12 chipset that was used in this year's iPad Air and iPad Mini.