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New Maruti Ciaz diesel (1.5L): An honest review

Maruti Ciaz diesel

It may seem funny that, at this moment, when we are all day dreaming of driving Electric Vehicles from as early as next week, a manufacturer has actually launched a new diesel engine. The reality is that diesel engines are still relevant and modern diesel engines are *clean*. The war is against old diesels and not the new ones.

Diesel is also wanted by a certain section of the car buying public though its appeal has certainly gone down. That said, diesel still has a vibrant demand and Maruti has now got its own newly developed 1.5l unit. Do keep in mind that the Brezza, for instance, is sold only in diesel, so going forward this new engine is crucial and will of course, in time, make its way to different products.

For now the Ciaz is the first to get it.

Maruti Ciaz diesel engine

This new diesel sits alongside the 1.3l diesel from Fiat in the Ciaz range but come next year when BS6 norms come in, the old 1.3l would be discontinued and this new 1.5l is BS6 ready also. In a nutshell this new 1.5l diesel signifies that Maruti is shedding its dependence on Fiat for diesel engines.

The ploy did not work the last time, with the Celerio, but this time Maruti seems to have struck gold.

The numbers are not a massive jump over the 1.3l but there is an increase nevertheless with 95 bhp and 225Nm in total. The other big change is the new 6-speed manual gearbox.

Maruti Ciaz diesel driving

There is no massive push in power but a crucial lift to the other factors. Refinement is now much better over the 1.3l and the engine has less of a clatter. At high speeds it is smooth and refined. In-fact now it is the most refined in its class — the efforts Maruti has put in to make the cabin quieter has worked. The massive lag of the 1.3l diesel is also absent; power delivery is less erratic and smoother.

The lag and diesel rush of the old Multi-jet is also, thankfully, missing. In the city, the new Ciaz does not feel out of power; nor is there a pressing need to downshift as in the 1.3l diesel — with better torque spread and you can potter around at low speeds with less fuss.

Maruti Ciaz diesel 6-speed manual

The other big change, as said earlier, is the new 6-speed manual gearbox. An extra gear means it cruises better and feels more relaxed on the highway. The fuel efficiency takes a minor hit over the 1.3l model, but is still more than 26 kmpl. In the actual driving conditions, you will get about 20 kmpl.

Maruti Ciaz dieselThe Ciaz 1.5l diesel, badged as the DDiS 225, is around Rs 30-40k more expensive over the 1.3l — something we think is worth the upgrade. The engine is quieter, smoother and relaxed, plus it is something which fits the Ciaz more. If you are buying a Ciaz diesel, go for this without any doubts.

Maruti Ciaz diesel

Thus, the new Ciaz diesel is now the most refined in its class and pretty quick too. It also has all having all the previous traits of being extremely wallet friendly. The Maruti Ciaz is currently the best selling car in its class with a 30%  market share and with this new diesel, expect that to only grow. As an all around package and a diesel midsizer, it’s hard to find faults with the Ciaz now.