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Netflix binge watching for 30 mins is bad for environment, here’s what you can do!

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Love to unwind at home after a tough day’s work and just sit down to watch some TV series or a movie on Netflix every day? You are not alone, almost everyone likes to unwind and relax like this. Next time you switch on your laptop to browse on Netflix, you may want to think again. A new study highlighted in the New York Post poses several disturbing facts for regular Netflix users. Clearly, the findings are bound to unsettle you, particularly if you are an environment-conscious person.

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The study also points out that watching even a 30 minute show results in emissions of up to 1.6 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent, thereby almost equivalent to driving for more than 6 kms. Note that this amount may further double in the next six years.

While experts are divided in their views on how the number is likely to grow, there is no doubt that their verdict is clear – Netflix binge-watching is hurting planet earth!

Calling for ‘digital sobriety’, the study further highlights how the growth of online video streaming platforms such as Netflix can have a severe impact on climate.

Now, what are the options that you can mull over to minimize the impact of your Netflix watching activity?

To start with, experts categorically insist that a sense of collective responsibility towards the earth is important to lead all efforts to ensure sustainable levels of renewable energy on the planet. Furthermore, experts also indicate that viewers can disable the auto-play option and stream WiFi in lower definition format.

Other options include:

– Whether we are using it or not, having 24×7 wifi actively at home is equivalent to considerable energy consumption.

– Opt for watching on your mobile phone than laptop or TV because mobile phones top the energy efficiency chart as compared to the other two.

– Streaming matters, which is why using mobile wifi is known to consume less energy than using 3G or 4G connection.

More demand for online video streaming services implies consumption of more energy, which requires consumers to also remind themselves that this daily recreational activity has an adverse impact on the planet. Besides, these servers too need some cooling, which we tend to dismiss or not take seriously.