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This Neo Board Tracker Takes Inspiration From Tron But is Actually a Customised Harley-Davidson Softail

The name Smoked Garage in Indonesia is a hard one to miss if you are someone who takes deep interest in radical customisation jobs. We have reported about the Indonesia-based customisation house before and it still stands as one of the best in our list. And we can reason the same with the motorcycle that you see above.

To our surprise, and probably yours too, the motorcycle that you see above is very much a Harley-Davidson underneath. The motorcycle which is originally a Harley-Davidson Softail was commissioned to be built in 3 months. And the guys, nay wizards, in east began by completely stripping away the bodywork. Christened as the ‘Neo Board Tracker’, the motorcycle barely carries over any element from its host model. Keeping the mechanics in place, Smoked Garage birthed this iteration by basing it on a futuristic frame which is bent out of Chromoly steel tubing, with the top running above the two-piece, one-off aluminium tank.

Ditching its stock setup, Smoked Garage chose a hardtail setup for the motorcycle and added linkage-based suspension system to the one-off seat. The bike now sits on a set of mammoth 26-inch rims that are covered in Shinko 777 cruiser rubber. The wheels are hollow hubs and sport discs that measure 20 inches in diameter.

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The wheel houses an LED system as well which, to our surprise, can be programmed to indicate the speed of the motorcycle. Also, this is sensitive to your cornering angle as well. The stock handlebar has been replaced with clip-ons. While we bike indeed looks mind-boggling only a real test can prove how well it will rank in terms of practicality.

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