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Neither spineless nor a traitor to farmers like you Badals, says Punjab CM

·2-min read
Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh (File Photo/ANI)
Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh (File Photo/ANI)

Chandigarh [India], December 6 (ANI): Terming Sukhbir Badal's latest tirade against him as 'utter buffoonery', Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Saturday said no ED cases had ever stopped him from fighting for his people, nor was he spineless or a traitor to farmers like the Badals.

The Badals, who were totally cornered over their betrayal of the farmers, had clearly pressed all the panic buttons in their desperation to cover up their brazen treachery, said the Chief Minister, in a scathing reaction to Sukhbir's remarks on ED cases against his family and his allegations of `surrender to blackmail.'

Such is their level of despair that Sukhbir even stooped to undermining the Pakistani threat to the security of Punjab and the nation, said Captaining Amarinder, terming it a betrayal to the security forces battling the enemy at the borders every day at the cost of their lives, according to an official release.

"Have you and your Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) become so power-hungry that you have even closed your eyes to the threat posed by the Pakistanis to our security? Are you saying that all those arms, ammunition and drones our brave security forces have captured along the Punjab border are no danger?" he asked while adding that it seemed that Sukhbir had totally 'lost' it.

As for the ED cases, the Chief Minister asked Sukhbir, "What is new about the ED cases against me or my family that I should suddenly start trembling?" He and his family had been fighting ED and other cases for years, he pointed out, adding that not one of these cases had ever stopped him from risking everything for his people.

In a scathing response to the SAD president's allegation that he (the Chief Minister) had "surrendered to BJP's blackmail", Captain Amarinder quipped, "Do you even know the meaning of blackmail?" "It was you and your party who had been pandering to BJP's interests and giving in to their pressure as their allies all these years," he added.

The Chief Minister said, "Had I succumbed to so-called blackmail, I would not have brought the amendment Bills in the state Assembly but, like Delhi CM, would have notified the central laws long ago." So stop lying and misleading the people, he said, adding that nobody was going to be taken in by these falsehoods of the Akalis, whose double-speak on the Farm Laws and the farmers' issues had been exposed more than once. "Whose blackmail did you surrender to when you did a U-turn over the state amendment Bills after backing them in Vidhan Sabha?" he asked Sukhbir. (ANI)