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Neem: Amazing Indian herb with incredible health benefits!

  • By Dolly Kumar

Amazing how neem leaves offer incredible health benefits!  The anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and immunity-enhancing properties are known to us since time immemorial. Having established the all encompassing health benefits of neem, it was only a matter of time that the medical community too embraced the disease-free goodness and longevity that is derived from it.  It is not surprising then, that a plethora of pharmaceutical companies depend upon neem as one of the basic ingredients in creating countless medicine formulae for countering the end number of maladies.

Neem Health Benefits

The health benefits of consuming Neem are indeed magical and path breaking. A few are listed below:

  • Neem aids in thwarting skin-allergies and reactions, allowing the skin to stay supple and radiant. As a natural deterrent of acne, it helps in curing dry moisture-less skin. Its anti-microbial properties help in treating dry scalps and hair dandruff. By assisting in combating hair fall, its consumption also facilitates hair growth.

  • Neem is widely acclaimed as an effective blood-purifier. It helps in blood-detoxification by eliminating hazardous contagions from the bloodstream that hinder the working of the human digestive and renal (urinary) systems. A guided dosage of neem helps in eliminating the sinister toxins, which account for a majority of symptomatic misgivings in the body such as headaches, allergies, fatigue etc.

  • The superlative immune-strengthening properties of neem allow the body to fend off various types of pathological infections and afflictions. It is also an effective blood-sugar regulator and is beneficial to people ailing from diabetes. It also helps in preventing and overcoming a multitude of communicable diseases such as malaria, dengue, influenza, chicken pox etc.

  • Neem as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal botanical phenomena assists in resolving a score of tooth-related discrepancies such as inflammation and gum-bleeding, tooth cavities, plaque-breeding and bad breath. Neem is a ubiquitous oral hygiene promoter as even the branches and stems of the neem tree in many parts of India are fashioned to form ingenious and all natural mouth-cleansing instruments known as Daatun.

  • Neem is widely proven to promote a healthy and robust digestive system in the human body. The anti-inflammatory nature of neem also aids in averting gastrological infections and intestinal disorders. It was widely regarded on the basis of primordial wisdom that anyone who consumed neem regularly in some form, would naturally steer clear from all diseases. No wonder, your grandmother and even her great-grandmother lived and swore by it.

Fortunately, with the rising trend to opt for a healthier lifestyle for the prevention of illnesses and natural remedies with multiple health benefits, indigenous botanical wonders such as neem are experiencing a renaissance of sorts. It is regaining significant popular momentum, as a considerable percentage of the millennial and Gen Z masses are opening up to the possibility of embracing neem as an everyday product to promote the holistic well-being of the body.

With the rising proclivity of the modern generation towards adopting natural and herbal remedies, neem has captured a special place in this clean and green living movement.

(The author is GAIA, Founder & Director. Views expressed are the author's own. )