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National Sports Day: Top 10 Career Options You Can Consider


National Sports Day, which is observed on August 29 every year, is celebrated across the country to commemorate the birth anniversary of the legendary hockey player Dhyan Chand. When sports players are hailed as heroes across the world, many youngsters consider this as their full-time career and start planning the same accordingly.

Apart from players in sports, there are many jobs related to sports such as training and umpiring. Here are some of the position in the sports fields described with their job profile.

Sport Instructors

The job profile of the sports instructor is to teach the necessary skills to candidates. They should also train the candidates in gymnastics and other physical exercises in order to increase their physical strength. One should also organise tournaments and events for the respective sports besides maintaining the sports equipment.


The primary responsibility of a coach is to find a talented player. While giving coaching, a coach is responsible for providing techniques until they are confident about the game. They have to observe the players in action and help them to rectify their mistakes. Coaches should also accompany their players during the tournaments and events to guide and/or motivate.

Umpire/ Referee

In order to become an umpire or referee, one should possess certification from a recognised body. They have to conduct the games and sports in accordance with the rules. An umpire should also inspect the equipment, field, schedules, etc. during a game.

Sports Equipment Manufacturers

The work includes design and manufacture of sports goods. One has to closely work with the sportspersons to develop the sports equipment. They should also market the sports goods.

Sports Club Managers

This job is a combination of both administrative and sports. While performing the administrative duties, they have to take care of the sports facilities. They have to coordinate with all the team players along with the support staff such as physical fitness instructors and therapists.

Sports Journalists

Though they are placed in the media company, they follow the teams across the world to produce the content. Their job includes writing features and news for periodicals and newspapers.

Physical Therapist

Many teams and individual players appoint physical therapists full-time. There is no barrier for this job and one can be a physical therapist for any team/athlete playing any sport.

Sport Psychologist

The job role of the sports psychologist is to make a player focus on the game and deliver their best performance. Many players appoint them for their individual performance.

Public Relation Manager

The job of the public relations manager is to protect the image of professional athletes besides the teams'. They even take care of the teams if they are appointed as public relation managers for a team.


Along with media companies, many sports organisations hire the photographers. The salary of a photojournalist depends upon the team and media company.

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