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NASA is gearing up to send a helicopter to the Red Planet

Vishal Kawadkar

NASA will be sending a helicopter to the Red Planet. According to the space agency, "the Mars Helicopter, a small, autonomous rotorcraft, will travel with the agency's Mars 2020 rover mission, currently scheduled to launch in July 2020, demonstrate the viability and potential of heavier-than-air vehicles on the Red Plane"

"NASA has a proud history of firsts," said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. "The idea of a helicopter flying the skies of another planet is thrilling. The Mars Helicopter holds much promise for our future science, discovery, and exploration missions to Mars."
Besides, the admin also hinted that the first person to set foot on Mars could be a woman.

"It's likely to be a woman, the first next person on the Moon. It's also true that the first person on Mars is likely to be a woman," CNN cited Bridenstine on a radio talk show "Science Friday."

No specific names were revealed but this shows that woman are at the forefront of NASA's space ambitions. The space agency also conducted an all-female spacewalk at the end of the month. Astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch were in space all by themselves for up to seven hours, said NASA.

Bridenstine also said that the first manned mission to Mars will take place in the year 2024 and 2026.

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