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Narendra Modi says startups encouraged to compete in hackathons with global peers; meeting of minds key for world leadership

FP Staff

The prime minister's focus is to build a global manpower by linking youth in startups in India and the world. In this endeavour, Narendra Modi is encouraging youth to compete in hackathons with their global counterparts. "The meeting of minds is important for global leadership," he said.

Revealing his thoughts on the issue, Modi said the youth in the country are being encouraged as they can be a reason for bringing about a change in the world," he said.

Narendra Modi said even if the numbers of Indian startups joining the global community (of startups) is small, it is still a reason to bring about a change in the world.

The prime minister was sharing his thoughts in a discussion with Ray Dalio, founder, co-chairman and co-chief Investment officer of Bridgewater Associates.

When the poor are given toilets or a bank account, what matters, said the prime minister, is to provide dignity to the poor. " When I open a bank account for the poor, he feels he can go to the bank like a rich person. I come from a very common family. I have not seen poverty in books but I have lived in it. Hence I feel this pain of poverty," he said.

The prime minister said he ensures that his strength, time and work benefits the poor.

Narendra Modi said when India brings in a change in the lives of its people, it echoes across the world. Citing the case of how when his government made toilets for the poor and built an open defecation-free society, the rankings of the world changed, he emphasized how India contributes to the global good.

The prime minister was responding to Dalio's question on the government having "brought something like 500 million toilets and you have brought water and you will bring water to all of those people and you are changing their wellbeing in a united way."

Narendra Modi threw light on his humble beginnings and said that as he has lived a life of poverty, he can understand their [the poor man's] pain. "My method to eliminate poverty is to empower the poor," he said. That is why his government has various schemes, he informed.

"To maintain a balance between human values and technology is a challenge," added Modi, who was responding to questions about the emerging challenges in the world.

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